Как я заработал 500 000 рублей в «Доте 2»

Трейдинг в доте

It is hard to keep up with all the new sites or if something happens to an old site.

трейдинг в доте

More inforamtion. Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Обмен предметов Дота 2: площадки для обмена вещей на деньги или другие скины

Trade bots are a way to easily trade skins quickly and securely. Rather than look for someone who has the item you want and wants what you have you can just trade your items to a website that has a giant inventory.

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They usually either overvalue their items or undervalue yours slightly in order to act as a fee. Most have ways to reduce the fee usually via a name bonus or a leveling system. Other websites have plans to implement the feature. While in most cases trade bots are superior player trading still has some places it shines.

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For one, on big trades with other players saving on the fees can really add up. Trading also трейдинг в доте for things outside the scope of the trade bots like for example trading for Steam games, items from non-Steam games, gift cards, etc.

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While you could probably get a tiny bit better of a deal trading with another player directly it is usually way more trouble than it is worth. Trade forums are nowadays covered with people spamming their trades and they will only trade if you overpay for their items which makes it just as expensive if not more than a trade трейдинг в доте.

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I marked my personal favorites as "Recommended" but they all have they strong spots. If you want to get the best deal on your item you should check multiple trade bots and chose the one that is best for you. It all depends are what you find most important at the time.


The first thing is to make sure you are on the right website. Some scam sites will copy a popular site but change the domain from.

  • smavz.ru - Автоматический бот для обмена вещей (скинов) CS:GO, DOTA 2, H1Z1, RUST.
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Next is to make sure you are paying a fair price for your item. On rare occasions a cheap but rarely sold item can mess up their system a little bit so always check the price of the item you want on the Steam Market beforehand.

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Also you need to make sure the bot you are trading is legit. Most websites provide a button to click when your trade is ready, be sure to use that rather than going into your own trades. In addition most websites provide a code for each trade that you can check to confirm your trade.

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