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Кликер криптовалюты. Описание: Strategy Empire LLC


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    Softonic review Achieve virtual world domination with Cryptocurrency Clicker Nobody would contest the fact that cryptocurrency is a кликер криптовалюты that has кликер криптовалюты a household name. Cryptocurrency Clicker — a Bitcoin mining simulator — is a clickergame that has capitalised on this hype.

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    Developed by Wonderbox, the object of the game is to build a cryptocurrency mining company and amass as many Bitcoins as possible. Interesting premise, shallow gameplay Starting off with bog-standard hardware, Cryptocurrency Clicker sets players off on a journey to become Bitcoin Billionaires.

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    Bitcoins are earned through clicks of the mouse and, over time, players can invest their newfound wealth in upgrading their mining rig. There are numerous upgrades and powerups which can be achieved during gameplay, кликер криптовалюты as the especially useful auto clicker. Although there are various leader boards which players will aspire to top, the real appeal of Cryptocurrency is surely the visual aesthetic of the game and its tongue-in-cheek ridicule of the cryptocurrency market and the hysteria that is generated therein.

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